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Many of the millions of letters that EOS in Germany sends each month contain confidential information. Volker Haack, Head of IT Operations, and Mario Hoß, Head of the Letter Shop ensure that the letters arrive safely.

Why does EOS in Germany need to have its own printing centre?

Volker Haack: We place great emphasis on data protection – after all, we work with highly sensitive information about debtors and clients. With our modern printing centre, we print letters and put them in envelopes ourselves, so this data remains in our hands and is not transmitted to external service providers. This added security is understood and appreciated by our clients. In addition, our printing facilities are cost-effective.

What kind of technology is used in your mail centre?

Mario Hoß: We produce approximately 2.4 million letters per month, which is a high printing and enveloping volume. Every minute, each of our two enveloping lines – each is almost eight metres long – ejects over 500 letters. On order to increase this volume in the future, we keep the printing centre up to date with the latest technology. In 2016, we will install a fifth printer and two new enveloping lines.

Do you think that such investments in this digital age are worthwhile?

Haack: Absolutely. Of course, for some years now, we have increasingly been using modern means of communication, but we do not expect that it will completely replace the letter.