New app does it all

Mobile technology for mobile staff: How EOS Solutions UK efficiently deploys its field services.

Digital solutions increase efficiency. That is true for EOS Solutions UK, where an app is now in use. ‘Our Dator 2.0 app allows real-time, encrypted communication from field services and internal services. Employees who visit consumers for us can complete their tasks more quickly and easily,’ explains Managing Director Stuart Knock. The app offers a whole range of useful functions. While on the road, employees can receive assignments from head office via the app or plan their routes and schedule. Dator also supplies users with all the necessary forms, which can be adjusted to meet the needs of every client. ‘For instance, some clients want us to ask consumers for information concerning their work situation or any property they own,’ explains Knock.

The app’s DirectConnect function also makes possible a new way of communicating with consumers. ‘In some cases, we want specialists from our service centre to get in contact with a consumer in order to discuss his financial situation. One of our field service employees then visits and asks for his telephone number, which is subsequently entered into the app. Within seconds a call from the service centre is triggered. Once the consumer has accepted the call, our employee travels to the next location,’ says Mr Knock. An additional benefit is that Dator records all telephone calls made with consumers – with their consent. The recordings make it easier for EOS to meet the compliance regulations of the British financial supervisory authority. ‘The app helps our field service team deliver fast results. That’s why EOS Solutions UK can offer personal customer management to our clients at such attractive prices,’ concludes Mr Knock.