Managing the crisis

EOS Matrix in Greece is gaining market share and clients. In the midst of the recession, the company is even hiring new employees.

Despite difficult conditions, EOS Matrix has expanded its market position in Greece by entering new business sectors and acquiring new customers. As of April 2016, the company also increased its headcount by almost 30 per cent. ‘Such a turn of events was not expected in the current economic situation,’ says Managing Director, Antonio Bayias. The recession has had a major impact on the Greek economy over the last six years. Mr Bayias is optimistic for EOS Matrix: ‘The difficult times are almost at an end.’ Thanks mostly to his strategy. The debt sales market had contracted during the crisis and upcoming regulatory changes had put a strain on the sector, convincing the company to focus on fiduciary collection. Mr Bayias and his staff concentrated on their core business and meeting their exacting standards for high-quality customer service. The high levels of client satisfaction and loyalty in 2015 show that the company is on a solid footing. Mr Bayias remains confident about prospects for 2016 as he knows he can rely on his dedicated and close-knit team. ‘We want to further expand the market position that we have worked so hard to achieve.’