The club of international specialists

Anton Dmitrakov, Managing Director of EOS Russia, strengthens international debt collection within the NAPCA association.

Since the end of 2015 EOS in Russia has a seat on the executive board of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPCA). Through this committee, the company can effectively engage in the debt collection sector and intensify its exchanges with different target groups. ‘Currently we see it as our duty to show and explain to politicians and companies how important professional debt collection is for the Russian economy,’ says Managing Director Anton Dmitrakov. EOS tells politicians, for example, how recovery processes are organised in other countries. ‘Our membership in the globally-active EOS Group means that we have access to extensive expertise in international debt collection,’ says Mr Dmitrakov.

He notes that Russian companies have more to learn about crossborder receivables management tasks. EOS has initiated a ‘Cross-border club’ within NAPCA to ensure companies can benefit more in future from professional international debt collection. ‘At these club events, experts from EOS provide an insight for those attending into their experiences and an explanation of how debt recovery can be achieved across national boundaries,’ explains Mr Dmitrakov. ‘Our goal is to establish the Cross-border club as an expert economic and political committee.’