Mid-sized companies need more than the average. The new online platform EOS direct makes management quicker and easier.

Lionel Messi, Danny DeVito and Kylie Minogue are proof that success does not depend on size. The rule applies to international stars and companies alike. Today in Germany, medium-sized companies with innovative ideas are succeeding in the marketplace and driving the German economy forward. As with large corporations, small enterprises are becoming more and more interested in digitalising their business processes. For resource planning, material use and customer service, the right IT systems help a company to function more efficiently and remain competitive.

Now there is a digital solution that gives firms more options within the field of receivables management. It’s EOS direct, the online platform that went live in 2015. ‘Small companies cannot afford to tie up resources to deal with unpaid invoices. The work involved in writing dunning letters and monitoring incoming payments costs more than frayed nerves,’ says Stephan Spieckermann, Managing Director at EOS Deutschland, B2B business unit. ‘Think of a carpentry workshop, for example. In small businesses such as these, the owners often have little time to adequately take care of such tasks in addition to their core business. Our service can handle it all at the press of a button.’ EOS direct enables users to set and store their own receivables data online and commission debt recovery proceedings.

Big solutions for small companies

As another benefit, the system is as easy to operate as well-known Windows programmes. Inspired by large-scale SAP solutions, it offers interfaces for convenient data transmission. To use EOS direct, all you need is an Internet connection and a web browser. Companies can specify and manage access rights for their employees. Debt cases, including international processes, can be uploaded into Excel format. ‘The file upload function is a benefit to medium-sized companies with large numbers of receivables,’ says Spieckermann. Smaller-sized companies, such as carpentry workshops, can quickly enter their individual receivables by hand via an online form or upload PDF-version invoices into the system. The whole process takes only a few clicks. A query menu ensures that only overdue and complete receivables are entered for processing. This saves later queries that would delay the dunning process. If everything is correct, EOS automatically forwards the cases to the experts in the debt collection department at EOS Deutschland for further processing.

‘Clients can quickly clear their workflows of open receivables. EOS direct also brings order to accounting processes. Where invoices were once hidden in storage boxes and folders, the portal now offers an overview of all debt cases, including reports and statistics,’ says Spieckermann. This means even small companies can have a large-scale solution to easily optimise their business processes.