RCI banque finances and leases automobiles. If a customer falls behind on payments, the financial services provider relies on the professional support of services from EOS Deutschland in Germany. The finance specialist has valued EOS expertise and focus for 35 years.

EOS Deutschland field staff professionals spend a lot of time behind the wheel. In the course of a day’s work, they drive to end consumers who are in arrears with their payments in order to work out a joint solution. Some of the end consumers are clients of RCI Banque Deutschland. Founded in 1924 as the Renault Credit Bank, the credit institution is a subsidiary of the French automobile manufacturer.

In Germany, RCI Banque finances or leases almost half of all new Renault, Dacia, Nissan and Infiniti vehicles. Around 70 per cent of the financing goes to private clients. ‘Germany is currently at nearly full employment. On top of that, payment behaviour is generally better than in many other countries. Both factors result in relatively low rates of delinquency and default,’ says Michael Immel, Director of Customer Service for RCI Banque Deutschland. Furthermore, RCI Banque extends credit only after a thorough credit check. ‘Nonetheless, among the 150,000 financing agreements we sign each year, some clients are no longer able to make their payments on time. When that happens, we try to determine the cause and find a solution. To do so, we work with external service providers like EOS Deutschland,’ Mr Immel explains.

If a defaulting payer does not respond to reminders and also does not accept offers from RCI Banque for short-term payment agreements, deferments or payment reductions, then the EOS field service comes into action. ‘As a rule, we receive the orders of our clients, like RCI Banque, within 46 to 60 calendar days of the original due date. One of our 200 permanent employees then drives within five working days to the defaulting payer,’ says Jörg Schweda, Managing Director of EOS Field Services, the field service organisation of EOS Deutschland. If the customer is not at home, then repeat visits are made at different times of the day.

Desirable automobiles:
Around 150,000 financing agreements go through the automaker’s proprietary financial institution RCI Banque Deutschland each year

Conversations based on empathy

Through a personal conversation, the EOS employee tries to work together with the defaulting payer to find a solution. ‘Our goal is always to restore the contractual relationship between RCI Banque and its clients to business as usual,’ emphasises Mr Schweda. The EOS employees are trained in negotiation skills and argumentation techniques. They approach their work with empathy, while also remaining focussed on their goal. ‘It often helps, for example, to point out that a recovery of the vehicle would lead to further costs and also that the next escalation level would be a cancellation of the contract,’ says Mr Schweda. The strategy works: as a rule, EOS collects the payments in arrears within 28 days and completes the order.

However, this intervention does not have the desired effect in all proceedings. Even in those cases, EOS Deutschland supports its customer. As the last resort, EOS recovers the vehicle from the defaulting payer through a voluntary repossession. ‘Our employees document the condition of the vehicle with photos at the time of recovery and create a written record, which is then signed by the customer,’ explains Mr Schweda. ‘Our client can view all activities on a daily basis via our online tool field@account.’ RCI Banque subsequently sells the car, for example, using its auction platform on the Internet. The sale price, however, does not always cover the outstanding amount. EOS can take charge of collecting the outstanding debt, at the customer’s request. ‘Our clients benefit from our years of experience and the professional handling of our ongoing collection activities,’ says Jürgen Borgartz, Managing Director of EOS Deutschland. The organisation is one of the leading providers of receivables management in Germany.

On top in competitive comparison

RCI Banque Deutschland values the broad range of service. ‘The performance of EOS Deutschland speaks for itself. That can also be seen in the continual comparison of our various service providers in receivables management,’ says Mr Immel. The success rate of EOS in intervention and recovery is over 90 per cent. Not only the outcomes are impressive: ‘At every level, from operational daily business to management, we always have a contact partner who is acting intensively in our interests. EOS has been a reliable partner for us – for 35 years,’ says the Customer Service Director.

Versatile expertise

EOS Deutschland handles receivables, from intervention and recovery services to debt collection. Around 1,300 employees are devoted to successfully collecting debts from end consumers every day.

Photo at the top: Decades of partnership: Michael Immel, Director of Customer Service of RCI Banque Deutschland, relies on EOS Deutschland.