Knowing what counts’ – is the leitmotif running through this year’s annual report. I see it as a nearly perfect fit for EOS for many reasons. The motto strikes a chord, reminding me that at EOS we are all striving to use the company’s potential to achieve more and develop into a stable player in our industry around the globe. We are succeeding. Today we are proud to say that EOS is one of the world leaders in receivables management.

Among other things, our success comes from managing EOS with clearly defined, immutable values. We believe in dealing respectfully and cooperatively with all our stakeholders, whether they are customers, employees, consumers or other interested parties. Our objective is to turn a profit, but not at any price. That, too, is what ‘knowing what counts’ means to me.

The motto also fits our times and the new options that the increasing digitalisation of the world offers. It is up to us to put our experience to good use and to remain open to life-long learning. EOS too is going through changes. In this report you can read about the rapid developments in IT, the backbone of our company; what cultural shifts mean for the world of work; and how EOS works as a business process outsourcing partner for the benefit of customers, as with the purchase of Alphapay from Swisscom.

Finally, after more than 30 years at EOS, I will be handing over the chairmanship of the EOS Board of Directors to my successor, Klaus Engberding. At the end of nine years of cooperation with him on the Board, I look forward to placing the leadership of the Group in his capable hands. I am sure that he knows what counts and how to lead EOS into what promises to be an exciting future.

Please allow me to take this opportunity to extend my thanks to all who have placed their trust in EOS over the years. It has been my pleasure to lead this Group and serve you.

Hans-Werner Scherer
Chairman of the EOS Group’s Board of Directors